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Bill Mapp is the visionary Founder and CEO of The CAIO Network™️, a pioneering new platform dedicated to empowering the Chief AI Officer (CAIO) through compelling and comprehensive content, coaching, and community, and connection. The CAIO Network flagship, part of CAIO Media, along with its rapidly expanding brand properties and partnerships, is signaling a new era in CAIO leadership for the digital age.

CAIO Media™️ is the first and only brand family dedicated to the the modern Chief AI Officer (CAIO). The initial flagship property, The CAIO Network™️, is the industry first and only CAIO network providing content, community and connection dedicated solely to supporting CAIOs, both current and aspiring. The CAIO brand's mission is to create, elevate, and accelerate the influence, income, and impact of CAIOs who will lead the new global intelligence revolution to create a brighter future and world, at scale.

With 30+ years of experience, Bill has garnered acclaim as an innovator and leader across the Technology/AI, Media & Entertainment, Education, and Telecommunications sectors. His career is decorated with awards that underscore his proven leadership contributions to these industries, where he has consistently driven strategic innovation and excellence.  

At the heart of Bill's professional journey is a profound commitment to nurturing and developing the new generation of CAIO Leaders™️. Whether they are well-established executives or emerging talents in the business technology arena, Bill is dedicated to elevating their influence and celebrating their achievements in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence.

CAIO Media, under Bill's leadership, aims to be the definitive voice and advocate for CAIO professionals worldwide. It strives to offer unparalleled resources, including community engagement, premium content, coaching, certification programs, and extensive networking opportunities, all designed to foster collaboration and innovation among CAIOs.

The CAIO Network further champions excellence in the field through its CAIO Awards™️ initiative, recognizing the most influential CAIOs and the companies and innovations that accelerate and celebrate the CAIO community and movement forward. These awards highlight the profound impact and inspiration that CAIO leaders contribute to the global business technology leadership and landscape.

​Bill's commitment to the AI community is further evidenced as a Lifetime Member in the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI.org), the premier global AI society established in 1979. This affiliation underscores his deep-rooted connection to the advancement of artificial intelligence and his ongoing contribution to the field. 

For Bill's portfolio brief or to follow/message bill on LinkedIn, please see links below: (Note: For general inquiries please click on "Contact Us" link in menu.)

Portfolio Brief: http://billmapp.ai
Bio: https://LinkedIn.com/in/billmapp

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